Association of Russian Economic Think Tanks (ARETT) is a non-profit organization, which was established in November 2002 by 15 leading Russian economic think tanks. Today ARETT is represented by 36 members.

The Association was established with the following aims:

• Coordination of the activities of its members in the research, educational and consultative-analytical spheres;

• Promotion of social and economic development of the country and growth of public welfare through the establishment of the institute of independent centers for economic analysis and development of the professional community;

• Development and dissemination of high standards of socio-economic research and presentation of their results;

• Development of information systems for the professional community on the activities of the Association and its members;

• Representation and protection of the general interests (including professional interests) of the members of the Association.

The subjects of the ARETT activities are:

• Formation and dissemination of high standards of activity of independent centers of economic analysis (analytical centers);

• Formation of favorable conditions for the development of independent centers of economic analysis;

• Promotion of sustainable and dynamic development of independent centers of economic analysis;

• Protection of interests of members;

• Facilitating the access of analytical centers to information resources and modern tools in the field of research, educational and consulting and analytical activities;

• Promoting the access of the professional community to the researches of members of the Association,

• Development of cooperation between analytical centers on their institutional development, professional activities and dissemination of their research results;

• Providing opportunities for professional communication of experts, specialists in socio-economic issues.

• Interaction with other professional associations, public associations and other segments of civil society, as well as the media;

The President of the Association is Oleg Buklemishev (from 11 October, 2019), the Executive Director is Ekaterina Zubova.

The first president of ARETT was Leonid Grigoryev (since the establishment of the Association till October 29, 2005), the second - Alexander Auzan (October 29, 2005 till October 7, 2011), the third Evsey Gurvich (October 7, 2011 till October 5, 2015), the forth Andrew Yakovlev (October 05, 2015 till October 11, 2019).